Wednesday, 14 November 2012

CaptainDebug Wins an Award

Yes, you heard it here first, I’ve won an award for a program that I’ve written. I can safely say that I’ve never won an award for any program I’ve ever written in my life, in fact this is the only competition in which any of my code has been nominated

What, you may ask what have I won? Well my Bentley GT V8 iPad application won silver in the Cream Awards at the end of October.

Did the judges look into the design of the app, taking readability, clarity, design considerations, patterns used, style and structure in to consideration? Obviously no, but they must have played with the app, designed their own Bentley GT V8, looked at the galleries, checked out the videos and seen the story behind the V8.

What did I get? Well I can now display a winner’s logo on my web site...

...and during the writing of the program I did get to spend some time driving a Bentley Continental GT, which I have to say is awesome. If you've got the cash - go and buy one.

Why am I telling you this? Well if I don’t no one else will...

Next time... I'll write a real blog.


Scott Marshall said...

Congrats :) Redecorating the wall by the door paid off then !

Roger Hughes said...

Thanks. "The Wall" also made a good blog post. Take a look at Use The Wall