Saturday, 19 February 2011

Caffeine Power

Caffeine - the programmers drug (well at least one of them). You many have noticed that the majority of programming groups use caffeine heavily, but why is this? Well it keeps you awake and allows you to do your often boring job (not all programming tasks are interesting), it speeds up your thoughts and pumps blood more quickly round your body.

According to many sources, however, caffeine is addictive. Is this true? Well look around your office and you'll see developers sipping coffee, drinking Coke and other soft drinks, and eating chocolate. All are symptoms of caffeine abuse and all the companies who sell these products are making money out of caffeine addiction. People who stop taking caffeine suffer caffeine withdrawal which includes headaches and in the worst cases major depression. This withdrawal can take as long as 6 months but is usually less. But don't let me put you off your coffee or caffeine after all I'm not a real doctor and a bit of a coffee addict. Below is a link to more information from a probably more authoritative source:

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